Law Society puts stop to cherry picking

The Law Society is clamping down on firms that breach trainee recruitment policy by interviewing students for training contracts before the beginning of their third year.

The Law Society publishes guidelines suggesting that firms should not interview prospective trainees before 1 September of their third year, but does not police firms that ignore the guidelines to cherry pick the best candidates.

Next year, the Law Society intends to ask all firms to sign up to a new code of conduct which will require a promise in writing to stick to the guidelines.

Lawyer 2B is aware of one magic circle firm and another top City firm that have offered jobs to second-year students who participated in their summer vacation schemes.

When the code of conduct is introduced, the Law Society has inferred that firms which do not sign up to it run the risk of appearing unscrupulous.

Law Society chief executive Janet Paraskeva said: “Most firms don’t interview for trainees before 1 September of a student’s final degree year, but we understand that, from time to time, some do make offers or arrange interviews earlier than this. We plan to bring in a code of practice next year and firms will be invited to sign up to this.”

The head of one law school added: “Of course, everyone’s fighting for the best candidates, but the playing field should be fair.”