Law lecturers help lift Shipwreck

Marine law experts from Wolverhampton University are helping to raise parts of a shipwrecked 17th century English warship from the Mediterranean seabed

Senior law lecturers Mike Williams and Paul Fletcher-Tomenius are advising

Florida-based Odyssey Marine Exploration on the legal issues involved in the recovery of objects from HMS Sussex, which lies 3,000ft below the surface.

The 80-gun warship was thought to be carrying a secret payment to the Duke of Savoy when it was lost during a storm off the Straits of Gibraltar in 1694. Today, the cargo is thought to be worth upwards of several hundred million dollars.

Williams said: &#34The team will be using robots rather than divers &#45 technology similar to that used to search the Titanic at a depth of 12,000ft.&#34