King’s take UCL’s crown in Dechert quiz night

The girls ended last night (4 December) soaked in champagne after taking part in Decherts London universities inter-collegiate quiz.

The event, now in its second year, saw student teams from UCL, Kings and LSE battle it out in a bid to be crowned quiz masters and bag 1,000 for their law society.

Imaginative team names were aplenty with groups such as Were Here For The Free Drinks and Please Give Us A Training Contract At Dechert going head-to-head with the more controversial Quiz on Your Face and Slaughter and Maim.

Lawyer2B.coms own team, Hacked Off, managed to get through the first half relatively unscathed with the exception of confusing the Leader of the House of Commons Harriet Harman with cookery queen Delia Smith.

The alcohol soon took its hold and previously level headed law students were coming out with all sorts of weird answers for the Acronym and Name That Tune rounds.

Thankfully, editor Husnara Begum, was on hand to name all of the early 90s cheese correctly as well as showcase a few dance moves reminiscent of a Madonna video.

But nobody was available to spare one team from the public humiliation that followed for suggesting the acronyms for GAAP and JIT were “Gay And Awfully Proud” and “Jesus Invisibility Trident”.

The night finally came to a climax with a sudden death round of ping pong between tie-breaking teams UCLs Quiz Akabusi and Kings Slaughter and Maim, which both finished on 96 points.

Pressure mounted as the two sides went paddle-to-paddle to see who could hit a bottle of beer with their ping pong ball the most times. But the Kings team, which included Ben Burge, James Hockin, Max Davidson and Mark Sun proved they had the better ball skills and went on to claim the win.

But we at think that we were the true winners. After all who else got to sit on director of training Bernard Georges lap? If you dont believe us check out the pictures on our Facebook page.