JLD chief: pro bono key for recession-proof CV

The head of The Junior Lawyers Division (JLD) has warned law students and trainee solicitors to do more pro bono work to wow potential employers in a time when there are not enough jobs to go round.

The Law Society has claimed Corporate Social Responsibility remains high on the agenda at top City law firms, making a job applicants pro bono experience particularly attractive to a potential employer.

Chair of the JLD (a division of the Law Society) Kat Gibson said: There are thousands of people hoping to become a solicitor and not enough jobs to go round. That has been exasperated by the current downturn. It has never been more important to gain experience and pro bono work provides an excellent example to potential employees.

The number of students enrolling on the Graduate Diploma in Law at the UKs biggest law schools has rocketed, with graduates seeking shelter in the safe haven of the legal sector as the global financial crisis continues to rage.

LawWorks chief executive Rebecca Hilsenrath said that any pro bono work will not only improve a CV but will also give candidates the experience to engage in the legal system form an early age.

All this work will potentially expose them to slightly new problems and challenges which will benefit their professional experience as well as providing much needed assistance, added Hilsenrath.

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