Is there any point in re-applying to a firm that’s already rejected me for a training contract?

I was short-listed for an interview with my dream firm. I made it as far as the second interview but didnt secure the training contract. Im really keen on training with this firm. Realistically, what are the chances that they would reconsider my application if I re-applied for next year’s intake?

Being such a competitive industry you’d be surprised how many people do have to re-apply and there is no disadvantage attached to it. If anything having gone through the recruitment system before, and received detailed feedback, you should be better placed to shine the second time round and have an edge over your peers. You do, however, need to amend your application form to show any new experience gained and revisit your competency answers to ensure they are the best possible. This is because the firm in question will be aware that you have applied before and will screen your application form next to your old one. If the form is an exact duplicate then you will appear as if you have made little to no effort and haven’t learnt from past mistakes.

Victoria Wisson, graduate recruitment officer, CMS Cameron McKenna