Inside the corridors of a Midlands giant

On past form you could be forgiven for thinking that this weeks entry would be packed with a whole host of moronic moaning on my part. Thus, I shall endeavour to surprise. Honestly, Im being serious. No satirical remark to the contrary will follow, I promise. Indeed, Ive enjoyed the week so much I can hardly believe its already over. Yes, I know its another cringe worthy clich窠but time does most certainly fly when youre having fun.

So why no more moaning Myrtle this week? I can suggest only one reason – the people. Far from the awkward silence and dirt-digging that I experienced in my first week, my fellow schemers lacked pomp, pretence and other irritating characteristics that usually cause one to hide away in the office like some sort of creature from a J.R.R. Tolkien novel. Instead, theyre from a breed you dont mind befriending; assured by the fact that there will be more on the conversational agenda than capital punishment come home time. And as an added bonus, the office talent is also a vast improvement on the previous few weeks.

Our first task? Drafting? Research? You couldnt be more wrong. Try this one; find a place with a water feature large enough to recreate the opening scene of the sitcom Friends. OK, after you finish recalling the opening scene, picture this. Seven, suit clad twenty year olds, knee deep in water taking their photograph whilst pulling a ridiculous pose in the middle of a busy shopping street. What a start to the week!

Next task? Find as many random people as possible and ask them if they would mind standing in a phone box together whilst you take their picture. At this point I hear you asking whether I am presently taking the proverbial. Well actually Im being serious. Perhaps this explains why this week has been such good fun. Whilst there are no doubt those who would’ve turn their noses up at such antics and refuse to get involved, all of my fellow schemers rose to the challenge. I know you dont have to ask whether or not I was on the winning team, the answer is rather self-explanatory.

The weeks good form continued at the various social events. These were made even better by the fact that it seemed as if the trainees actually wanted to be there, rather than being told that they could look elsewhere for a job if they didnt care to show up. One of my fellow summer schemers, who shall remain nameless to spare his blushes, made the fatal mistake of challenging his Welsh trainee counterpart to a drinking challenge. Avoid this at all costs! It will only end up with you sat in the middle of a rather large table whilst swaying, smiling and looking utterly stupid. On the plus side, it may make graduate recruitment chuckle. But beware! The email banter that will follow the next morning may be relentless!

The weeks most embarrassing moment? An odd one this week. The embarrassment flows from thinking of being in another summer schemers situation. (He isnt on my placement). Rumour has it that he had rather too much to drink one evening and told the graduate recruitment lady how much he liked her (if you get my drift).

The week in a word: Fantastic!

All in all, a top week. For now, thats all folks. See you next time.