If academic results have been average throughout an applicant’s education history, topped off with a 2:2 in their degree, would gaining a distinction in their LPC be enough to override their previous

Its fair to say that most commercial law firms prefer candidates to have a consistently strong academic record, resulting in them obtaining a good 2:1 degree. With the intense competition in the market, many firms use academic results to whittle down the hundreds of applications received. Im afraid this is the reality of the situation. However, obtaining a 2:2 does not necessarily mean that securing a training contract is impossible, whether you obtain a distinction in the LPC or not. There are many firms that will be more flexible where academics are concerned and accept applications from those with an average record. This will require some research on your behalf to find out which firms come under this category. In making applications, it would be worth your while explaining any mitigating circumstances, and emphasising your strong points, for example key skills which would be attractive to a prospective employer, any relevant work experience and useful extracurricular activities.