I haven’t managed to secure a training contract yet. Should I go ahead and apply for a place on the LPC, or is it better to take a gap year?

If you’ve already been applying for training contracts and have been unsuccessful so far, it would be wise to take stock before deciding which of these options is the most appropriate. For example, if you have had first and second interviews for training contracts, and feel you are making some progress, then taking a gap year could slow your momentum. However, if this is not the case, ask yourself if taking a gap year would make you a better applicant. Should you feel you lack legal, commercial or any relevant experience, then taking a gap year can help you remedy this, by allowing you to look for sustained experience or paid work in a legal or related environment. If you secure this type of work you would then be able to make further applications during your gap year, making use of your enhanced experience and benefiting from the possible network of practitioners this could open up. While everyone would prefer to start the LPC having secured a training contract, many people do not, and continue to make applications through the course, perhaps taking advantage of the careers advisory service at their LPC provider. If you do this though, it becomes even more important to make realistic and good quality applications to ensure you dont waste any of your valuable time.