I am currently doing my A-levels and I am thinking about applying to study law at a university. What advice would you give to us younger students who really want to stand out?

The study of law is intellectually demanding and therefore you will need to have obtained good A-level grades. However, when applying to universities, they wont just be looking at evidence of academic ability. You will need to be able to demonstrate good communication and interpersonal skills, as well as evidence of a strong commitment and determination to succeed be it at sport or playing a musical instrument for example. Commercial awareness and business integrity are also key, so have a think about any weekend/holiday work you may have done and how you can apply your relevant experiences.

During your time at university it is recommended that you join the universitys student Law society. Getting actively involved in mooting, debating or public speaking will also be beneficial towards helping you gain skills, which set you apart from the others. Towards your second year, you should be thinking about arranging mini pupilages and work experience with local solicitors firms and attend as many employers careers events on campus as you can. Finally, don’t forget to use the services of your university careers advisors – they too can be a very useful source of information and their workshops on interview and application technique will put you in good stead for the training contract application process should a career in the law still be for you.