How else could I acquire commercial law work experience if I’m unable to secure a vacation placement in a commercial law firm?

Vacation schemes are seen as a traditional means of gaining legal work experience. However, when reviewing training contract applications, most firms do not view formal vacation schemes as a pre-requisite. We look for applicants to demonstrate that they have been proactive in researching the career, gaining an insight into the commercial world while developing basic transferable skills. Although most larger firms do not offer work experience outside of their formal vacation schemes, a number of alternative opportunities are available. Open days provide the chance to meet a range of trainees, associates and partners, providing a great insight into a firms work and culture. Alternatively, some smaller firms occasionally offer the opportunity to gain informal work experience, and if you have completed a law degree or LPC, paralegal work may also be an option. The onus is on you to be proactive as, due to demand, such opportunities are rarely advertised.