Great white lark?

Weil Gotshal & Manges trainee Matthew Powell is thanking his lucky stars hes back safely in London after inadvertently dicing with death.

Powell went to Weils Silicon Valley office to complete a five-month secondment in the US patent litigation department.

As a keen surfer, he couldnt resist catching a few waves and decided to check out the surf at Linda Mar Beach, near the town of Pacifica, around 20 miles south of San Francisco.

After scoring some excellent rides he came out of the water and noticed a sign saying there had been a great white shark sighting just a few hours earlier that day.

Most people, knowing they had just shared a bathing area with Jaws, would be slightly put out to say the least. However, Powell laughed this off as a prank perpetrated by locals eager to keep their beach from becoming overcrowded.

However, a colleague forwarded him a story from the local press detailing a shark attack on a group of seals witnessed by some surfers just a few hours before Powells outing.

I realised Id been rather closer to becoming an appetiser for a cruising white shark than Id anticipated, he comments.

Wonder if lawyers taste different to other people?