Grad ad for job finally stalls

A law student who advertised his services in the legal press after his search for a training contract proved fruitless is still hunting for a job.

John Richards, a student on the Legal Practice Course at Glamorgan University, sent out more than 700 application letters to law firms across England and Wales, spending &#34quite a lot of money&#34 on postage in the process. Yet, of the 200 firms who responded, the majority said they did not offer training contracts, while others merely said they would keep his details on file. As a result, Richards decided to spend around £150 on placing an advertisement in the &#39situations wanted&#39 section of the Law Society&#39s Gazette.

Describing himself as a &#34smart buy&#34 and in &#34good condition with &#34low mileage&#34, Richards, 23, hoped the advert would catch the eye of graduate recruiters across the country.

&#34So far I have heard from one firm in Watford which is getting back to me. It doesn&#39t seem to have done any good,&#34 he admitted sadly.

Richards, who achieved a 2.2 in law from Glamorgan, said another graduate he studied with who received the same degree result was offered a training contract from the first firm she applied to. He added: &#34It&#39s a question of luck, isn&#39t it? I know I will find something eventually.&#34