Gay trainees get together in the City

Meetings for gay trainees and affairs with partners top the bill on the discussion board of the website dedicated to young City lawyers, RollOnFriday.

There were more than 250 responses to a message that asked: “Are there any gay lawyers in the top 10 firms?” and many more follow-up messages.

This led to a group of gay trainees arranging to meet in a City bar.

The website allows users to post messages about any subject. These range from whether it is appropriate for women in City law firms to wear trousers, to how easy it is to move from law to investment banking.

Matthew Rhodes, a director of RollOnFriday, said: “We try and keep an eye on the discussion board and trust people to keep it clean and proper. Anything we think is really obscene or defamatory we take off. It isn&#39t edited.