Eversheds makes a Big Deal of knowledge gap

<a class=Eversheds makes a Big Deal of knowledge gap” />Evershead is touring the country playing board games in an effort to expand key commercial knowledge missing in
today’s students.

The initiative is part of the firm’s Big Deal event, which takes place every April. The Big Deal is a live role-playing game in which first-year university students carry out a mock joint venture over one day in Eversheds’ London office, assisted by trainees and qualified lawyers.

The new board game is a companion scheme travelling the country’s universities. The game sees four teams, each comprising four students, battling it out to amass parts of a company, such as shares or assets, by corrrectly answering questions as they move around the board. The winning team is the one with the most balanced portfolio at the end of the game.

Michael Hunting, Eversheds’ national graduate recruitment head, explained: “It’s fun and fast-moving, but it gives people a feel for the sort of level of knowledge they need in business. It’s trying to explain what it is to be commercially aware.”

Hunting said he hopes the Big Deal helps raise students’ commercial understanding. Eversheds finds potential trainees often lack crucial judgement in this area.