Due to unforeseen family circumstances I had turn down an offer to read law at Manchester University and went to Bradford University instead. Will a degree from Bradford be seen in the same light as a

Manchester would probably be seen as a better university than Bradford, but in light of the expense of studying at university now we are well aware of the fact that many people may choose to study at an institution close to home as they cannot afford to move away. As a firm we would look for strong academic performance in the compulsory subjects (good 2:1 grades) as this will be more important than which institution you’re studying at. Regarding applying to the Leeds ‘big six’, I’d recommend choosing commercial subjects as electives at university and going to open days etc to prove your interest in commercial law.
These firms will also look for a commitment to Leeds and an understanding of the marketplace, for example how it might grow or what threats there may be to the firms and their local clients.