Does A Level General Studies count?

When researching the academic requirements for law firms, many give specific grades (e.g. AAB) or a minimum number of UCAS points for A levels. Although some specifically mention that General Studies cannot be included, many firms dont make reference to this subject. Where it is not specifically excluded would it be safe to assume that I can include it in my A-Level tariff?

Some firms do specify that they exclude General Studies A level when considering an applicants academic results, whilst others will consider it. When reading an application form and considering the strength of an applicant, we consider the subjects studied at A level and during the degree course: the more rigorous the subject and the better the result, the stronger the application from our point of view. At the end of the day, A level General Studies is a qualification you have achieved and if there is room to put this on the application, you should do so (so long as the firm does not say that it cannot be included!). If in doubt, call or email the Graduate Recruitment department of the firm(s) in question and remember, academic results are only one part of an application.