Criminal barrister’s other life as Geri Halliwell impersonator

A criminal barrister from Essex who has already forged a successful second career as a Geri Halliwell tribute is planning to extend her repertoire to include lurid rock chick Pink

Amanda Poll, now a tenant of two years call at Chancery Chambers, first started singing in pubs and clubs to boost her student income. During the Bar Vocational Course at the University of the West of England, Poll replied to an advert in The Stage newspaper and soon started performing as Faye from Steps, Rachel from S Club and, more frequently, as ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.

She now performs as Latin star Shakira and occasionally as Freda in Abba tribute band Super Trooper, singing at the weekends while prosecuting in magistrates courts across Essex during the week.

“My chambers have been really supportive. They’re all going to come and see me as soon as I get a gig in London,” said Poll, who was picked out and profiled as a “singing barrister” during the early rounds of TV talent show Pop Idol.

News of Poll’s talent is spreading, and although she has not yet been asked to perform at the Inns of Court Ball, she did respond to her colleagues’ requests for a rendition of Geri classic Bag It Up during an Inner Temple training weekend.

“Everyone finds it quite funny. Sometimes when the defendants have left the court, the magistrate will say, ‘Go on, give us a song’, and the ushers will pretend to be my backing singers,” she added.

Although Poll has no immediate plans to leave the law to further her singing, she would not rule out an appearance on ITV’s Stars in Their Eyes – probably as Halliwell.

“[Singing] is a great way to earn some extra money,” she enthuses. “But I’m really happy with the way things are at the moment.”