Clydes improves NQ retention performance

Clyde & Co has increased its trainee retention rate by more than half, with 89 per cent of its September qualifiers staying with the firm.

Last year the insurance firm only managed to retain just 59 per cent of its 26 newly qualified associates.

This year, however, 19 trainees are expected to qualify in September, with all having been made offers to stay at the firm.

Of those who qualified last September only two decided to leave the firm upon qualification. This meant that Clydes set itself a new retention rate record, surpassing the September 2005 intake by 2.5 per cent a retention of 87.5 per cent.

The low retention rate last year meant that all trainees offered jobs at Clydes were about to set up their practices in their first-choice departments.

The newly-qualifieds offers, however, do not fill the firms vacancies for that level of experience.

The news comes as Clydes has made it possible for trainees to rise to partnership in the Middle East without a second stint in the UK

Clydes has put the Middle East at the heart of its strategic priorities, with a plan to hire at least 40 lawyers in the region during the next financial year.

Trainees will spend one year in the UK and can then go to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for another 12 months, after which they can qualify while in the Middle East.

Larry Archer, HR manager for the Middle East, said the UAE is one of the most rapidly growing practice areas when it comes to recruiting trainees and associates.

Archer said: “The scheme means that the lawyers will have strong ties and understanding of the region but will be UK-qualified.”