Clifford Chance trainees help Cambridge students on charity work

Clifford Chance trainees have teamed up with the Cambridge University Pro Bono Society to provide research for the Revolving Doors Agency charity.

Revolving Doors provides advice and support for those trying to return to normal life after being in prison or suffering from a mental illness.

Melissa Parker, a second-year trainee who is in charge of the scheme, told Lawyer 2B: “Cambridge University’s Pro Bono Society approached the firm through our community affairs manager. We have about 20 trainees who volunteered to work with the charity, which is much more than we expected.” Parker is a Cambridge graduate.

Students at Cambridge carry out legal research for Revolving Doors. The results of the research are presented as various options which are put to the charity’s clients who can then choose how they wish to proceed. They also produce fact sheets for the charity.

The Clifford Chance trainees act as supervisors. The students and trainees are split into fives research areas: asylumand immigration, criminal, family and social, human rights and housing, and medical.