City Law School students to help overturn life sentences

Londons City Law School has started the first Innocence Project in the capital, working to overturn the convictions of people wrongly imprisoned for murder, GBH and other long-sentence crimes.

Thirty LPC, BVC and CPE students from City Law School will re-examine cases of people serving life and other long sentences who claim they are innocent, working with 25 barristers from London chambers 1 Pump Court.

The students are also working on media and PR.

The director of the project is 1 Pump Court barrister Mark McDonald, an alumnus of the Inns of Court School of Law, now known as City Law School.

McDonald said: Were looking to see if there is new evidence, whether things were done properly and whether there might be new grounds for appeal. We want to prevent people from serving 50 years in jail for things they didnt do.

McDonald is also director of Amicus, a UK legal charity set up to assist US lawyers defending people on death row.

The Innocence Project idea originates from the US, where students at the Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law in New York first began examining the sentences of people convicted of murder.