CC staff volunteer for student mentor group

Clifford Chance has become the first law firm to sign up to a programme aimed at helping young black students enter into a career in the City.

A group of 10 Clifford Chance staff, including lawyers, have committed themselves to mentoring 10 GCSE pupils through the AfricanandCaribbean Diversity (ACDiversity) mentoring and enrichment programme. The mentoring will take place over the course of two years, in the hope of helping the pupils achieve at least five GCSEs from A* to C grade.

The scheme was started in 1998 and focuses on a combination of academic, motivational and cultural work aimed at helping young students improve exam results and build confidence. In the past it has been backed by large investment banks and Clifford Chance is the first law firm to get involved. This year a total of 23 students from state schools, identified as having the potential to do well academically, will take part.

The programme includes a week-long residential summer school at Wadham College, Oxford University.