Cardiff Law School shakes-up LPC

Cardiff Law School has hailed the new-look LPC as being highly inclusive because it offers students wider financial flexibility during the gloomy recession.

The law school, which was among the first institutions to be validated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to launch the initial round of new-look Legal Practice Courses (LPC), has said the course will mean students will be able to tailor their studies to suit personal circumstances.

Ian Brookfield, director of the Centre for Professional Studies at Cardiff Law School, said: This is the biggest shake-up of the course since it was set up in 1993. It will enable students who otherwise might not be able to afford the course in the current economic climate to work alongside their studies.

Under the SRAs new guidelines the first stage of the LPC will have to cover the core practice areas, course skills and professional responsibilities and conduct. During the second stage students will need to complete three vocational electives. This stage can be completed with a different LPC provider.

Trainee solicitors who start a training contract after stage one of the LPC can study for their electives entirely in their own time (evening, weekends and/or by distance learning) or be given time off by their employers to study.

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