Cambridge Uni in insurance balls-up

The team behind Cambridge University&#39s most recent law society ball is facing a £900 bill as a result of an insurance blunder

Members of the organising committee have found that they are responsible for damages caused to a toilet during the ball because they had forgotten to take out an insurance policy for the annual event, which was sponsored by Norton Rose.

This is not the first time that the ball has been plagued by insurance problems, acc-ording to Cambridge insiders. Two years ago, the organising committee forgot to take out insurance cover and had to pay £1,500 for items that went missing during the event.

A Cambridge law society spokesman said: “The society regrets that the ball committee is in this position, but sadly, damage of this nature does occur at events such as this.” The spokesman added that all efforts would be made to resolve the matter without any loss to members or sponsors.

But the blunder is nothing compared with the antics of some other Cambridge students. Last year, the deans of St John&#39s and St Catharine&#39s colleges issued stern warnings – and in some cases stiff punishments – to students as a result of drunken disorderliness.

All 410 undergraduates at St Catharine&#39s received a letter from the college dean, Dr Pete Tyler, after a couple of students were hospitalised with alcohol poisoning and another was carried out of a formal dinner because she was so drunk.

Drunken St John&#39s students were forced to clean toilets afer a “crazy night” that involved food fights, vomiting and urinating in college buildings.