BVC students struggle to win pupillages

MORE than half of BVC students applying for pupillages do not get interviews, a new survey by the Bar Council has revealed.

The Bar Council surveyed 625 BVC students to find out what their aspirations were for their future careers. More than two-thirds (71.5 per cent) had applied for pupillage, but just 49 per cent had been offered an interview.

Of those pupillage candidates interviewed, 49.8 per cent had not been offered a pupillage.

However, the respondents were mainly determined to continue trying for a career in the law. The vast majority (80.5 per cent) said they would continue to apply for pupillages, and more than half said they would be prepared to seek other legal opportunities.

Nearly a third of respondents said they were struggling with debts of more than 20,000 after university and postgraduate education.

Bar Council chair Stephen Hockman QC said that the results posed a challenge for the bar, but that it would act upon the new evidence to try and improve the situation.

Tom Little, chair of the Young Bar, said that trying to make the bar more open and inclusive would encourage new barristers to stay in the profession at a time of change.