Burges Salmon hikes LPC maintenance grants to £7,000

Bristol-based Burges Salmon has stunned its local rivals with a whopping 16 per cent hike in the LPC maintenance grants it pays to its future trainee solicitors.

The firm, which hires around 22 trainees a year, currently pays its LPC students £6,000. This amount, which is already at the top end of the grants paid by Bristol law firms, will increase to £7,000 from September, putting Burges Salmon on a par with most City and national law firms.

Bond Pearce and Osborne Clarke, Burges Salmons closest rivals, have LPC maintenance grants of £6,000, whereas Clarke Willmott does not have a grant at all.

Burges Salmon does not prescribe which law schools future trainees should go to. Students will therefore receive £7,000 regardless of which city they choose to study in.

Katy Edge, recruitment manager at Burges Salmon, told Lawyer 2B: “We believe we’re the only firm outside London to offer this level of maintenance and the increase clearly demonstrates our commitment to our future trainee solicitors.”

Burges Salmon will also pay a £7,000 maintenance grant for the Graduate Diploma in Law.

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