BPP Law School excels with hefty turnover hike

BPP Law School has outperformed the rest of its parent company with a turnover growth of 29 per cent in 2004.

The law school reported income of 19.8m, up from 2003’s 14m. Turnover for the BPP group as a whole was 118.7m, a rise of 7 per cent, with the law school accounting for 65 per cent of that growth.

Thelawschoolalso received a ‘very good’ grading for its new Leeds centre. The Law Society commended the school on its staffing, careers advice and pro bono activities.

Meanwhile, BPP has recruited its first director of quality assurance and enhancement. Chris Maguire, who has landed the role, was previously at the Bar Council, where he spent 11 years monitoring quality factors related to legal education.

The hire comes as BPP continues its development, with the opening of new law schools in Manchester and Leeds.

BPP chief executive Peter Crisp said Maguire’s appointment would help to maintain the school’s reputation for innovative courses and high standards.