B&M trainees go hoopy

Baker & McKenzies male trainees have been getting in touch with their feminine sides. Not only have they been playing that most girlie of sports netball, but the lads also did the deed in womens clothing.

Worry not, however. This bout of sporting transvestitism was all for charidee.

The trainees in the firm had decided to raise money for Cancer Research UK. They started by having a sweepstake competition on the score of a boys v girls netball match. To add a bit of spice they made raising money for the sweepstake a battle of the sexes and agreed that the group that raised the least money had to play the match in attire chosen by the other group.

The girls won the initial battle and decided that the boys should play

in skirts. Surprisingly (and a little worryingly), the boys readily agreed.

Third seat trainee Alison Smith, who organised the event, says: They all seemed pretty keen. They came along with fishnets and hold-ups and looked absolutely horrendous.

However, this didnt stop the boys from winning the match 20-18, with more than 1,000 being raised. A good day was had by all, and the trainees went to their local pub The Evangelist afterwards. Whether the boys attended in their skirts is unknown.

A rematch may be on the horizon, but what would the girls wear if the boys chose attire for them? Smith reveals that the girls have wisely barred hotpants and bikinis, so dream on Baker lads.