Antonio Nunez upholds the law at Anfield

Liverpool midfielder Antonio Nunez is a graduate in international law and hopes to pursue a legal career when he finishes playing.

The football world is hardly crammed with university graduates, let alone lawyers, but Nunez is not unique.

Former Bolton captain Gudni Bergsson retired from football at the end of the 2002-3 season to pursue a career as a lawyer in his homeland of Iceland. The following season, Bolton manager Sam Allardyce tried desperately to get him to come out of retirement (he even resorted to plying him with booze), but Bergsson was committed to a barristers course.

Nunez joined Liverpool from Real Madrid before the start of the current season. He plans to continue his legal studies while playing football, which is sure to endear him to the intellectual heavyweights in the Liverpool side.

Nunez told The Sunday Times that he needed to get some experience with a law firm before he can practise. “I havent decided which branch of the law Ill go into, but maybe some doors will open for me in football. Having been a player gives me experience other lawyers dont have,” he said.