After how many rejections should I question whether a career in law is for me?

I’m about to start the LPC this September and am still without a training contract. I’ve had six vacation placements now, and, although still awaiting a response from some, have so far been unsuccessful. After how many rejections following vacation placements should I be questioning whether I am suited to a legal career? Submitting application forms going forward, is it sensible to note all of my placements since they also infer that I have gone to be rejected.

You need to obtain detailed feedback from each firm in question regarding why they have not offered you a training contract after your vacation scheme. It may be that there is a pattern emerging and that this is something you can correct for the next scheme and/or next interview. Regarding whether you are suited to a career in law I think you need to ask yourself the question: Did you actually enjoy the schemes and the legal work? If the answer is yes then keep pursuing that elusive training contract. On these applications you should still be disclosing your vacation schemes as firms want to see a commitment to law although be prepared for questions about types of firm and law if these vacation schemes are at very different firms.

Victoria Wisson, Graduate Recruitment Officer, CMS Cameron McKenna