Will leaving my paralegal role damage my career?

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  • I am also in the similar position, No luck with training contract and i hate my job as a paralegal as the firm i worked for could be weird at some times. I am currently in my maternity leave and no intention to go back.

    I am in very diffcult position financially and need to find a job within few months. the problem is when i apply for non law related jobs they say i am so commited and my application is refused even for an admin role. I would also appreciate if somebody could give guidance regards to this issue. Thank you

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  • The fact that you have been assessed a couple of times shows that there is something about you that interests law firms. It is extremely difficult to even be assessed so it seems like you are just falling at the final hurdle.

    If you find a role which is related to the area in which you would eventually like to practice (e.g. business roles are excellent for wannabe commercial solicitors) then I do not think it will harm your career in the slightest. If anything, I think it would greatly improve your chances because you will have a skill set that it is different and superior to the other candidates applying for the same job. You will have "commercial awareness" and a greater understanding of how clients think and behave. You may even be able to bring new clients to the firm as a trainee!

    Good luck!

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  • It honestly depends on what you leave your paralegal position for. As mentioned above, leaving for something related can work wonders for your career as it gives you a client's eye view of the legal market. Such insight can be a great boon to any application.
    You have paralegalling on your CV already which shows you can work in both a generic office and a specifially legal environment. Going for a related job would make your CV far more well-rounded than many hopeful TC applicants can dream of.

    Also, given that everyone knows the state of the economy at the moment, there won't be many legal employers who would be cold-hearted enough to extect you to live in poverty just for the sake of a paralegal position. So don't think future employers will judge you too harshly for such a choice - and if they do would you really want to work for them?

    Just don't quit your current position without having something else lined up. May sound obvious but it is the stupid kind of thing many people still do in the middle of a double-dip recession. Plus I guarantee that unless you have a dozen children you would be far worse off on benefits than on your comparatively poor paralegal wage.

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