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Exclusive: Trowers ups trainee intake size and ringfences training contract roles for its own paralegals

10-Aug-2015 | By Richard Simmons

Trowers & Hamlins is to increase the number of trainees it takes on, and will ringfence some training contracts for members of its own paralegal pool.


Trowers & Hamlins retains five of seven autumn qualifiers

28-Jul-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Trowers & Hamlins has revealed a reduced retention rate of 71 per cent, keeping on five of seven autumn 2015 qualifying trainees.


Trowers & Hamlins first to report spring trainee retention

20-Jan-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Trowers & Hamlins has revealed that it will be keeping nine of its 11-strong March qualifying trainee intake on as newly-qualified (NQ) lawyers, or 82 per cent.


Nabarro and Trowers release retention

6-Aug-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

City firms Nabarro and Trowers & Hamlins have revealed their retention rates for autumn 2014.


Trowers & Hamlins expands trainee intake and launches contract in Brum

28-Feb-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Trowers & Hamlins will expand its trainee intake in its Manchester and Exeter offices and is looking to recruit a trainee into its Birmingham office from September 2014.


Trowers & Hamlins chalks up 100 per cent retention

28-Jan-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Trowers & Hamlins has revealed a 100 per cent retention rate for its spring 2014 qualifiers, with all six trainees taking up NQ roles in the firm’s London office.

egypt pyramids

Trowers & Hamlins closes in Cairo and pulls out of Egypt

3-Jan-2014 | By Joanne Harris

Trowers & Hamlins has announced the closure of its Cairo office, citing uncertainty over the long-term outlook for Egypt.


Trowers & Hamlins retains 85 per cent of trainees

31-Jul-2013 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Trowers & Hamlins will keep six of seven of its autumn-qualifying trainees on in newly-qualified (NQ) positions, despite a drop in profits this year.


Trowers & Hamlins retains 100 per cent of March qualifiers

11-Feb-2013 | By Christian Metcalfe

Firm retains all 13 March NQs, marking a significant improvement in retention.

Kaplan adds Trowers to its LPC roster

21-Apr-2009 | By Corinne McPartland

Kaplan Law School is biting at the heels of its larger rivals after being picked by Trowers & Hamlins as its sole provider of the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and Graduate Diploma in Law.