Michael Mansfield QC: A radical at the bar

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  • There are numerous ways to deal with injustice obtaining a legal education assists. But why is it assumed or should it ever be that everyone who takes on law intends to work either as a solicitor or barrister. Certainly I work in another area or two for my livelihood but take on tribunals and local authorities almost daily, the latter thoroughly believes in the patriarchal society right up to the point where it is shown to have breached its own rules. I can also think of better places to lunch than yet another patriarchal entity. It is time that the London centric system of law was discarded in favour of local solutions. At this juncture the so called 'High Minded' but frankly more like 'Corporately Minded' universities should take note of the local society instead of hoping that the globe is going to bail it out. Globalism whatever that means did not produce and support universities in this country whereas local people did and over time. It really is time everyone revisited the concept of local justice in all its forms. An excellent approach by Mr. Mansfield: be angry, think the problem through and campaign like you mean it.

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