CILEx: Chartered Legal Executives

Chartered legal executives are often dubbed ‘the third arm of the law’. They are qualified lawyers, and to quote from the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) website: “The work of a Chartered Legal Executive is almost indistinguishable from the work of a solicitor.” The difference between the two professions is that legal executives can only do the work of a solicitor when supervised by a solicitor. 

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Legal executives win right to establish law firms

Chartered legal executives will be able to establish their own law firms in the New Year, following parliamentary approval.


Labour: We'll make a diverse legal profession our mission

The Labour party has stated its commitment to a more diverse legal profession, criticising past governments for their lack of commitment to the cause.


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Apprenticeships: you’re hired!

Apprenticeships offer a cost-effective alternative to the traditional route into law, providing trainees with on-the-job experience. Laura Manning weighs the pros and cons


Bang goes the law degree

With universities focusing on employment statistics, is it the end of the law degree as we know it?


It's all academic

Professional regulators and academics both love a meaty research project, and when the two combine forces it is time to sit back and watch the layers of complexity pile up like dung at a livestock show.


Live and learn

Adapt or die. It was with this old adage that a radical new ­training model was born, ­anticipated to change the face of legal education as we know it.

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Class half full

As student costs rise, part-time law courses are seeing a boom. But is the profession ready to shake off its bias and welcome the new route?

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