BSB puts aptitude test on ice for a year

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  • The problem with the aptitude test, ignoring the policy arguments for competition, is that the students used to benchmark the 2010/2011 version had no incentive to do it properly. Many disliked an extra test being forced upon them in the middle of actual bar finals, and as such clicked next half a dozen times and left early: the test did not require an answer to every question, and had no bearing on the student involved (indeed, all results were confidential) so the benchmark is going to be so unbelievably low that it will be a waste of time.

    It would have been far more sensible to use the established Watson-Glaser benchmarks used in other jurisdictions and then adjust on a curve to ensure consistency between years.

    Of course, that would require valid policy reasons for introduction, and a workable test for the system to be worthwhile; the pilot edition used many Ameracanisms and asked for absolute answers to questions that could be answered in any number of ways depending on circumstances. There was no opportunity to qualify answers, so it was really testing the candidates ability to guess which answer the test wanted rather than actual reasoning and analysis.

    It would be far better to adopt the Kaplan model for all potential BPTC students.

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