Brick Court leads London Metropolitan University's JR bid

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  • Part of my work role is covering/assisting the International visa officer often when on leave as well as supporting the PBS compliance officer in reporting/montoring and checking visa forms for students in line with complex ever changing UKBA regs (making it up as they go along).

    The early day motion EDM/2012-13/437 calling for amnesty for students for me does not address for the beleaguered staff & unions at the LMU and in the HE sector. They/we have been complaining for years to University's Executives about the lack of investment in staff resources for International student officers & UKBA Compliance and Monitoring procedures of overseas students. The response has been a 'sticking plaster' approach and hope it will do.

    For the sake of 15 overseas students fees you can adequately fund this student support area. The Executive at LMU with their scrooge mentality ignored previous warnings. Universities Heads should roll, over all of this. The Governors should ask the VC and the members responsible on the Executive to look at thmeselves . Remember no one University can survive without overseas student fees to subsidise everyone else!!!

    We need university’s to invest in International Student officers & UKBA Compliance and Monitoring procedures. Not employ now low paid, poorly trained staff who have inadequate resources who are often overworked and it would have made a difference if university's employed compliance officers (which many do not; we employed ours over 18 months ago and we reaping the benefits and passing UKBA audits).

    We have to accept this to keep our licences, even though this 'type' of Points Based System is driving students away from UK's universites. Sadly, things can only get worse for London Met and other Universities service delivery for ALL students if VC's continue to have an Ostrich mentality with their privatisation and sharing of services programmes, especially in the area for International visa support for overseas students. Incidently, bad advice from the student union to students not to pay 'last years' fees to LMU (based on future of licence outcome) was not a good idea . This means students cannot get the Transcipts if they need to transfer anywhere (for a successful visa extension). What were they thinking off? Just hope LMUSU don't get sued.

    OFF THE RECORD we has issued a number CAS's to ex-LMU students . This confirms that students have been given an unconditional offer of a place on a course of study with a licensed Tier 4 sponsor.
    A valid CAS, score 30 points in the points assessment. However, this does not guarantee that applications will be successful - as students need to meet the other Tier 4 criteria.
    We could be getting 100 to 300 ex- LMU students -more WORK for our understaffed team and note we have just made 90 people redundant through VR. any LMU legal action could be to late as many students have been issued with CAS'S from other university's. The tragedy is the criminalisation and the major disruption of studies of these genuine students which was beyong their control. London Met should concentrate on how to get their Licence renewed and for the students, in getting a refund or compensation they would have a better chance to take action under UK consumer protection law, especially if fees were paid by credit card, and the credit card company has payment protection. Otherwise they can refer the matter to their local authority Trading Standards Services or the Office of Fair Trading. Now the future looks bleak as LMU is now ripe for wholesale privatisation.

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  • It looks likes everyone is going to have their homework cut out for them.

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