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Surviving pupillage: the view from the clerks' room


“You are low in the hierarchy here,” said the senior clerk to the junior clerk, “but he” - pointing at the pupil - “is lower than you”.*


The ultimate guide to pupillage interviews

8-May-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Lawyer 2B attended City University’s event on how to get through pupillage interviews. Here are our carefully selected words of wisdom from the assembled panel.

Barometer change

The Bar Barometer 2014: what else did it say?

8-Apr-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

The annual report from the Bar Standards Board and Bar Council last week made news for its erroneous assertion that tenancies had fallen by 64 per cent, overshadowing a number of interesting stats about the current makeup of the bar.


17 tips on how to get pupillage

13-Feb-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Barristers and pupils from 5 Essex Court, Blackstone Chambers, Church Court Chambers and Devereux Chambers gathered to give their advice on how to gain pupillage to Kaplan Law School BPTC students. Here’s what we learned… 


Crystal ball: What next for the bar?

27-Nov-2013 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Prediction: Legal aid changes will have a devastating effect on the criminal bar, although the international commercial bar will thrive


Pounds for pupillages

20-May-2013 | By Lucy Burton

Auctioning internships is becoming more common, giving students from well-off backgrounds a significant leg-up into highly competitive professions, including the law

Temple 150

Inn-side story


The Inns of Court are the beating heart of London’s legal profession, say aspiring barristers Stuart Baran and Anita Davies

QC 150

Across the bar

29-May-2012 | Updated: 29-May-2012

Becoming a QC is a major milestone in any barrister’s career, but they all started out at the bottom. Lawyer 2B asks three of 2012’s new QCs what it takes to make it at the bar

Pillars 1507

Bar stall


The disparity between the number of students completing the BPTC and the pupillage places on offer means many would-be barristers are in career limbo. Christian Metcalfe reports


Applying for pupillage - take note


In the autumn issue of Lawyer 2B one bar hopeful kept a diary of the day she received four pupillage offers. Here, she reveals the secrets of her success

waiting offer pupillage

The longest day: waiting for pupillage offers

27-Oct-2010 | Updated: 27-Oct-2010

Waiting on pupillage offers can be tough. One bar hopeful put pen to paper to save her nails.

pupil tenant 214

Good marks, get set, go

28-Oct-2009 | By Husnara Begum

For those of you who are worried about plummetting retention rates spare a thought for aspiring barristers.


How to survive: Pupillage applications

9-Jul-2009 | By Laura Manning

Pupillage is the final stage of your training, enabling you to get out of the classroom and into the courtroom to assist on and run real cases. You must complete a pupillage to qualify as a barrister and competition is fierce.

Rachel Tandy

Life at the bar: Christmas in Chambers – five golden rules

16-Dec-2014 | By Rachel Tandy

Our resident barrister gives her tips for a stress-free Christmas in chambers

Rachel Tandy

Life at the bar: Using your dress sense

20-Nov-2014 | By Rachel Tandy

Lawyer 2B’s tame barrister negotiates the intricacies of life in practice. This issue: dressing for court


Life at the bar: Outside the chambers bubble

10-Feb-2014 | By Rachel Tandy

Lawyer 2B’s tame barrister explains the intricacies of practice. This issue: going on secondment is a great opportunity for a young barrister, but there are pitfalls for the unwary…

Rachel Tandy

Life at the bar: Taking on senior counsel

18-Dec-2013 | By Rachel Tandy

Lawyer 2B’s tame barrister explains the intricacies of practice. This issue: squaring up against more experienced opposition

Rachel Tandy

Life at the bar: How to handle too much LIP

25-Oct-2013 | By Rachel Tandy

Lawyer 2B’s tame barrister explains the intricacies of practice. This issue: litigants in person