Top UK law firms unite to launch social mobility scheme

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  • Sounds to me like Mr Morley is after a gong from the Queen.

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  • Comments like Graham's are only to be expected, but this seems like a good and practical project. I hope David Morely disregards the cynicism that will inevitably be directed towards him.

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  • Do they still wish to provide a 'work experience scheme aimed at A-level students and ways to encourage young people from non-traditional backgrounds to consider support roles ­within law firms.' as reported in ?

    If so, have they in the meantime defined what 'non-traditional is?

    Do you have to be poor or non-British?
    Or do you have to be poor *and* non-British?

    Why are they only allowed to consider support roles?
    Does non-traditional mean 'cannot become a lawyer'?

    And, by the way, what is considered to be a 'traditional' background? Are they expected to consider support roles too?

    Who came up with this wannabe PC 'non-traditional' hogwash in the first place?

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  • Note to file ... time to become unemployed so Jonny can get a free school meal and qualify for this scheme - will help Jonny go to Oxbridge and become a QC in due course. - actually, better make sure Jonny goes to a second class institution to increase his chances.

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  • Let's hope they enjoy photocopying, or decide to do something worthwhile instead.

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  • @ anonymous 11.38am always love the squeals from the privileged when someone tries to dismantle the barriers to entry to the posh professions. Mate, we're coming after you

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  • I echo comments made by Anonymous | 12-Sep-2011 11:38 am. I come from a relatively modest background, growing up in South Wales. A friend grew up on a council estate in Southend. We both went to Cambridge and qualified into Magic Circle firms. Although I don't remember anyone making special allowances for me in view of my background - there didn't seem to be too many barriers circa 1995 and I'm sure my friend would say the same - I would hope that this social mobility scheme will extend to the type of area where we grew up. Hopefully, it won't just be an opportunity for law firms to burnish their PC credentials in inner-city London.

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  • All credit to anyone who will provide any decent work experience, but what is the point of this? If the youngsters just want to end up as paralegals they will find the field crowded with thousands [yes, thousands] of graduates who are forced to do paralegal work because they can't get training contracts.
    If they aspire to become solicitors, after their taster of work experience in such good firms, they will find that after accumulating vast student debt at university and law school they won't be able to get training contracts and will hit a dead end.
    Really this is all a cosmetic exercise by the legal profession to make it appear that something is being done when in fact the training contract system presents an insuperable obstacle to the majority of would-be entrants.
    The reason would-be lawyers are more likely to come from well-off backgrounds is that you need to be well-heeled to take the risk of going through the mill and yet not getting a training contract
    The accountancy profession organises this much better [1] You do your training in the job. [2] You don't have to finance your way through accountancy school, [3] You don't have to pick up a precious training contract two or three years before you start.
    Time to pull down our archaic remnant of medieval apprenticeship!

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  • Bobby,

    Did you even bother to read my post properly?


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  • @ anonymous 11.38
    All the cool kids are using something called Google these days. You should Goo... ask your butler about it.
    Then next time you might be able to find the answer to your question:

    @ Waynella
    Thanks for your thorough and insightful analysis. If you're not a partner already, you'll soon be there!
    Lesser mortals might have pondered the correlation between income distribution when someone enters the workforce and intergenerational mobility in terms of income or occupation class (greater inequality means it's harder to move up or down). They might also have pondered that the income inequality in the UK has got a lot worse since the period looked at by the Milburn report, suggesting that kids from a poorer background born in the last ten years and the future are in for a much tougher time making a career for themselves.
    But what would they know.
    Anyone genuinely interested in the issues could do worse than read the report of the National Inequality Panel:

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